“Simhadri TMT”is the brand name manufactured by M/s.Steel exchange India Ltd.,a Vizag Profiles Group Company.

SEIL manufactures TMT Bars (Thermo Mechanically Treated) by using prime quality Billets Produced by its own steel melting shop, Vishakhapatnam Steel Plant, SAIL &Other integrated Steel Plants. “Simhadri TMT” Bars are certified by BIS and confirms to IS1786-2008. SEIL uses tempcore Quenching process to manufacture Superior Quality rebars. It is the biggest mini private integrated steel plant in Andhra Pradesh with 80MT/hour capacity in a 500 Acre layout, with railway sidings and located by the side of (Bailadila – kirundul) KK Railway Line. The capacity of the plant is 3 Lakhs tonnes per annum.

Total Automation, integration of process and facilities enables Steel Exchange India Ltd. To produce a high Quality “Simhadri TMT” Bars.

Steel Exchange India Ltd is adequately equipped with the latest R & D facilities having modern lab equipment like spectrometer, UTM Etc. Online lab tests are conducted for both chemical and physical properties, at various crucial stages of productions with an eye for presence of appropriate percentage of elements e.g.. C,S,P<Mn, Etc. in the finished product.

In the present scenario “simhadri TMT” is the NUMERO UNO amongst TMT bars in A.P.

We Manufacture TMT Bars from 8mm to 32mm.

  • The Billets are rolled in 20 continuous stand with 3 loopers for Tension free rolling of bars to give uniform dia during rolling.
  • The ribs on finishing rolls are cut in a three axis CNC rib cutting machine to maintain uniformity and angle to give good pullout strength properties through out the length of the bars being rolled.
  • The hot rolled bars are passed through the quenching box with latest design water complex using the tempcore process


Special features:

  • Low carbon content and made from fully killed steel.
  • Higher yield strength & ultimate tensile strength coupled with higher percentage elongation.
  • Easy bendability,weldability and excellent ductility ensures economy and safety.
  • In-built ability,to resist loss of strength at higher temperature.
  • Require less energy for bending and re-bending along with superior reverse bending properties.
  • Can be butt welded or lap-welded.
  • Higher corrosion resistance and sesmic resistance
  • Ideally suited for any type of concrete structure.